Decentralized OS Demand


Lorna Chen | Founder

12 years’ experiences in the Internet industry, 6 times start-up experiences, outstanding ability in economic design of product. Important position in top Internet company. Work on the product background of billions of users. Rich asset investment operating experiences in international projects over the past few years.

Steven Hu | CTO

10 years’ experiences in architecture design and R&D management in the telecommunication industry and the Internet industry. In charge of the the architecture design work in the programmable virtual router team. Participate in distributed architecture design in the initial stage. Consumer BG, in charge of the R&D management and design of the IM system and cloud note system.

Trevor Smith | OS architect

Trevor Smith has achieved PHD degree in University of Edinburgh. He is one of the few early iOS developers worked on Salesforce and Oracle. He also worked on early prototypes of iOS and Android app for start-up and successfully leading the product launch and acquisition. Trevor is also specialized on website design and computer algorithm and is currently working decentralized blockchain technology research.

Shu Collins | Economic Model Architect

Shu Colins achieved her Master of Science in statistics in University of Oxford, UK. She has over 10 years of work experience on data science, machine learning and AI in automotive, gaming, technology, entertainment and digital insurance industries. She had lead data science projects in multiple fortune 500 companies or IPO companies like British Gas, Royal bank of Scotland, and specialized in blockchain application and cryptocurrency.

Srikanth Bodla | DNA graph manager

Srikanth Bodla is a Solutions Architect/Project lead with a strong background in Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing, a proven track record for successfully delivering end to end Solutions addressing problems & requirements and a passion for emerging technologies Qlikview, Big Data, SAP Hana, SAP BI/BW technologies and the Apache Hadoop Ecosystem

KJ | Researcher

12 years’ experiences in architecture design in distributed database system and P2P network. Research directions including Blockchain capacity, data shard and ecosystem. He has got strong experience in both technology and research.

Team responsibility

Ocean Lu

In charge of user persona team, machine learning, deep learning and algorithm research. Encapsulate user tags.

Martin Wang

In charge of distributed protocol optimization, network layer protocol docking OS. Secure package storage content

Kevin Lee

In charge of the realization of non-network technology, reform non-network protocol, optimize performance, embed OS


Research mainly on optimization of chain structure, based on the chain algorithm design and implementation.


Lead a team of 10 people, in charge of OS's underlying system implementation, deconstruct layers.
Overall R & D embed all layers of the OS agreement.


In charge of Dapp architecture design and development, providing overall API for upper layer access. System Design and Implementation.


In charge of security attack and security reinforcement. Design architecture and develop transport layer security in the protocol layer for the overall OS

David Silva

In charge of the functional design of the OS product and the development of the interface protocol. Project priority adjustment.


OS interactive designer expert. Provide solutions for mainframe human-computer interaction


In charge of payment system design and development. Docking the various payment protocols on the chain safely and quickly.


In charge of visual effects, UI designer.


Overseas team profile to be updated.

Token Distribution

Total Brahma OS Tokens: 3,000,000,000

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